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Target groups

Persone durante il seminario
  • Adult learners

  • Adult educators

  •  AI/technical specialists

  •  AI/technical specialists

The project aim to obtain:


  • Increased inclusion of adult learners

  • Increased ICT skills and competences for adult learners

  • Increased competences and skills for educators in partner organisations

  • Increased capacity of partner organisations to serve adult learners from disadvantaged groups.

There will be 6 transnational Partnership Meetings and 2 Learning events and each will explore a different theme


Introduction to AI in Education

Introduction to AI wireframes

AI in learning in Industry

New innovations in AI

AI and social inclusion

Future developments in AI 


In addition to local participants and stakeholders who attend these events and who participate in local activities.

The transnational dimension is imperative in this project, contributions from different EU partners across Europe will enable learning, sharing of good practices and a wide dissemination. 


It will also build innovative and productive partnerships for future collaboration and contribute to the future agenda of inclusive AI in Adult Education.


Each partner will work with local group of learners to produce an AI wireframe to help make their learning more inclusive.

The partnership will produce a sustainability plan to continue to develop the ideas and work more on this theme through future projects and mainstreaming. 


In doing this it will improve the skills and competencies of the adult educators and provide them with innovative learning methodologies to make their services more inclusive as well as the competencies knowledge and insight of disadvantaged learners and knowledge and skills of AI professionals and social partners. 

Gli studenti che digita al loro computer
Digitando su un computer
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